Cosmeceuticals Products

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$30 | Clarifying Salicylic Cleanser:
Clarifying Cleanser is a mild wash that addresses inflammation and redness which often accompany rosacea, psoriasis or eruptive breakouts. Purifying Lilac Extract helps to regulate hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands while offering anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.
$30 | Clarifying Toner: 
Clarifying Toner is a clarifying, astringent toner that combats the accumulation of keratinized cells that clog pores causing breakouts. Mildly exfoliating Grapefruit Extract targets congestion often found in oily, combination skin. Water soluble BioSulfur helps to regulate hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands offering anti- bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

$55 | Clarifying Acne Serum:  
A highly concentrated nourishing serum that attracts and maintains hydration with which permeate the skin and address aging where it begins.

$56 | Clarifying Antimicrobial Gel:
Algaderm Gel is a peptide-rich daily hydrated formulated for oily, combination skin. It is light absorbing quickly, yet it leaves skin feel hydrated and nourished. Infused with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Soja Peptides, yeast-derived Superoxide Dismutase and a Multi-vitamin Complex, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in hydration and suppleness.

$55 | Clarifying Exfoliant: 
A powerful, mildly exfoliating pore treatment which targets elevated sebum production, uneven skin tone and congestive skin. Epilobium Fleischeri Extract, Niacinamide, Azelaic and Salicylic Acids assist skin to an equilibrium. Astringent organic denatured Lemon Alcohol, Tomato and Witch Hazel create the environmental which is unfriendly to topical impurities obstructing clarity and balance.

$52 | Clarifying Antimicrobial Mask:  
A superb decongesting, hydrating mask with Kaolin Clay and mineral rich Seaweed which helps to draw out dirt, oil and impurities. This seboregulating treatment helps to reduce excessive oil production while resisting the proliferation of microbials which often accompany oily, acne-prone skin.

$64 | Clarifying Vitamin A Lactic Peel:
Retinol & Lactic Peel addresses clarity and texture so it appears more youthful and vibrant. Vitamin A encourages cellular turnover and skin renewal, making this serum ideal for those concerned about accelerated signs of aging. This peel clarifies while offering transformative benefits that improve the look and feel of devitalized skin.

$32 | Exfoliating Glycolic Cleanser
An exfoliating cream cleanser that revitalizes skin while removing daily residue, makeup and oil which can dull a vibrant appearance. Alpha hydroxy-rich Fruit and Sugar-cane derived Acids help keep pores clear while encouraging cellular turnover and renewal.

$32 | Exfoliating Glycolic Toner
A Citrus-based Alpha Hydroxy Acid toner that gently clarifies by removing excess oils and devitalized skin cells. Consistent use over time will result in improved skin clarity, texture and tone.

$53 | Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Eye Serum
This highly concentrated peptide treatment is a botanical remedy that targets concerns typically associated with chronological aging in and around the eye area. Rich in saponosides and avonoids, this serum strengthens capillaries and reactivates microcirculation. Skin complexion becomes more even resulting in a younger and a more vibrant appearance.

$55 | Firming Malic Peel
Resveratrol Malic Peel is a mild, superficial peeling agent that may be used for many skin conditions, giving skin an extra boost. Providing noticeable benefits for toning as well as antioxidant support, Resveratrol Malic Peel creates cell turnover while softening and hydrating skin as wine components provide skin additional nutrient value.

$64 | Rapid Lifting Serum
A Hexapeptide-rich formula that instantly tightens and smoothes. This serum addresses lines, expression muscle contraction and sluggish skin which occur during chronological aging. High molecular weight proteins with beneficial surface properties result in perceived immediate tightening and longer term sustained efficacy following four weeks of treatment.

$55 | Rejuvenating Growth Factor Serum
Experience the amazing rejuvenating benefits of bio-sourced Epidermal Growth Factors which encourage the process of cellular renewal while boosting the vibrancy of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid in the epidermis. This serum contains a natural source growth factors plus powerful plant-derived extracts which fortify and support the dermal matrix. Passion-fruit and Lemon Fruit Acids gently encourage cellular turnover resulting in a more youthful appearance.

$68 | Rejuvenating Volume Firming Serum
Lipofirm Serum supports skin density and is the ideal companion to those who use injectable fillers in nasolabial folds and areas of deep lines and wrinkles. Infused with a potent concentration of Adipofill’in, Juvinity and Voluform, this remarkable serum enhances facial rejuvenation.

$56 | Rejuvenating Firming and Lifting Cream
Enjoy this superfruit anti-oxidant rich creme that contains age defying peptides and skin conditioning agents. Recommended for most skin types, this lightweight moisturizer helps to rm the dermal scaffold, stimulate collagen synthesis and boost resilience.

$64 | Deep Moisture Firming Creme Product Description: 
Experience this remarkable ‘Fountain of Youth’ moisturizer that stimulates elastin, smooths fine lines, tightens, firms and fortifies moisture deficient skin.

$52 | Rejuvenating Collagen Stimulating Mask
Quench dehydration with this transformative mask that offers skin rejuvenating hydration and powerful peptide driven smoothing. A silky, lightweight gel texture formulated with enhanced delivery helps to drive the skin remodeling active to a deep cellular level. Infused with powerful anti-oxidants and nourishing fruit oils skin will feel supple and smooth.

$57 | Illuminating Enhancement Mask
Nonapeptide Radiance Mask is a concentrated peptide-enriched treatment that addresses uneven skin tone and a dull-looking complexion. Infused with radiance enhancing actives and molecular network of natural biopolymers with a moisturizing complex, skin will feel notably more hydrate and supple.

$30 | Corrective Illuminating Cleanser
Combat dark spots, age spots, and acne-induced discoloration with our mildly foaming Illuminating Cleanser recommended for anyone with pigment concerns. This refreshing daily wash contains four powerful skin brighteners which target pigmentation and unwanted melanin production for a more radiant, youthful- looking complexion.

$29 | Corrective Illuminating Toner
This synergistic daily use toner elevates hydration levels while targeting dark spots and areas of uneven skin tone. A cocktail of tyrosinase inhibiting actives offer preventative and corrective pathways for anyone with pigment concerns. Multi-functioning, this toner instantly refreshes while refining the appearance of pores, for a smooth and even complexion.

$55 | Illuminating and Brightening Peel
Malic, Lactic, and Salicylic Acids make this anti-oxidant peel ideal for those who desire improved skin clarity. Boosted with Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C and E skin will look brighter and feel softer. This peel is well tolerated by most skin types.

$50 | Illuminating Correcting Serum
Azelaic Illuminating Treatment is a unique clarifying serum that addresses the uneven production of melanin. A dynamic blend of Bearberry, Kojic, Salicylic and natural source Fruit Acids synergistically target areas of hyperpigmentation and acne-prone based scaring. Ferulic Acid and a peptide stabilized Vitamin C resist free radicals while encouraging collagen synthesis

$34 | Illuminating Exfoliant
This dual manual and acid-based scrub loosens and dissolves devitalized cells exposing a more youthful appearance. Mild Flower Acids improve the barrier function and hydration of the skin resulting in smoothing, improved clarity and uniformity of tone. At the dermal level AHA favors an increase of collagens and glycosaminoglycans leading to the softening of fine lines. Skin will feel silky smooth and appear more radiant with each application.

$64 | Illuminating Moisturizer
Elevate skin clarity and resilience with this remarkable liposome enriched melanin inhibiting rejuvenating Creme. Powerful illuminating Peptides and actives such as Alpha-Arbutin, Niacinamide, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Licorice Root, and Tetrahydrocurcuminoids balance and ignite clarity. This silky Creme also contains Stem Cells of the rare Swiss apple ‘Uttwiler Spatlauber’ which are thought to offer cellular longevity enhancing benefits.

$55 | Revitalizing Dark Circle Eye Corrector
Neuroinfuser Dark Circle Corrector is a dynamic serum that addresses the two main causes of dark circles in the eye area. This revitalizing fluid targets an accumulation of melanin and dilated blood vessels that release heme, the cause of a visibly dark appearance. Active component ShadownylTM provides anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidation benefits, which in turn reduce darkness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

$57 | Clarifying, Illuminating, Soothing, Night Creme Product Description
Balancing Night Creme is formulated to improve the appearance of aging, blemish prone or sensitive skin. A clarifying cocktail of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Azelaic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Alpha Arbutin improve skin texture, tone and red blotchiness. Niacinamide boosts collagen synthesis and the production of ceramides, a lipid compound that contributes to the functional and structural integrity of the skin barrier.

$47 |  UV  Defense Daily Skin Creme Product Description:
A dynamic skin protecting creme that offer intensive conditioning benefits with physical and chemical UV altering properties against environmental aggression. This hydrating creme is infused with anti-oxidant-rich oils, illuminating actives, Hyaluronic Acid and protectant humectants which nourish and fortify skin against environmental stressors. Reflective Zinc Oxide envelopes skin in a cocoon, enhancing the skin conditioning benefits of this daytime nourishing creme.

To buy our products, call or visit our office. We can ship out the cosmeceuticals with a shipping fee.

$40 | Barrier Protection Balm
Barrier Protection Balm is a topical alternative to cortisone cremes for many dermatological conditions including eczema, dermatitis, rashes and hives. Soothing botanical extracts inhibit exaggerated inflammatory responses which result in itching and redness. A unique transdermal delivery system promotes immediate absorption of skin desensitizers into deeper layer of the dermis where healing and regenerative occurs.

$52 | Cooling/Soothing Mask
Inflammation and sensitivity experienced following clinical procedures such as laser or chemical peels require special care to optimize the recovery process. Sensiderm Mask targets facial redness and telangiectastica induced by an excessive inflammatory response. This soothing formula creates a cooling sensation that offers immediate relief to compromised skin while moisture attracting Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins and calming botanicals strive to accelerate the recovery process.

$30 | Soothing Milk Cleanser
Gently remove impurities from sensitized skin with this anti-inflammatory cleanser which helps to calm and cool irritation. This milk cleanser aids in defending against sensitivity caused by exposure to pollution, a harsh climate and other environmental influences. Ultra mild formula.

$56 | Soothing and Renewal Cream
Peptide Calming Creme offers exceptional hydration and skin conditioning benefits to those who experience sensitivity, redness and feelings of tightness. This peptide-rich formula contains a wide range of natural source actives which focus on typical concerns that result from diminished barrier function, environmental aggression and allergenic-prone skin.

$50 | Peptide Soothing Serum
Peptide Therapy SS is a highly effective daily use serum that alleviates stressed, sensitive or irritable skin by boosting anti-inflammatory processes that supports recovery of the skin barrier.

$52 | Soothing and Smoothing Peel
Dermazyme Liquid Enzyme Peel is a versatile layering enzyme solution that offers a light refining polish with the benefits of enzymatic exfoliation. Infused with Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae Extract, a natural retinoïd alternative, Papaya enzymes and soothing Peptides this gentle, yet effective treatment will help you attain and maintain radiant skin.

$29 | Soothing Peptide Toner
Quench dehydration and calm irritation with this soothing Toner formulated to alleviate sensitivity and inflammation. Fortified with skin defending actives, this daily use tonic is ideally suited to those who desire moisture without harsh chemicals, fragrances and added color.